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Creating a moment to uplift someone's spirits or make them think about something in a more appealing and hopeful way is my role as an artist. I start with a blank two dimensional surface and from my mind with a constant flow of visual images and thoughts, my connectedness to art history, and from observations of the world around me, I synthesize together, unique, vibrating, luminous, colorful and uplifting work to sweep the viewer into my dance, into my world.

Light is ever-present in my Palm Springs studio. It fascinates me. The exploration of light and it's movement is at the heart of my creations. I feature objects such as glass and metal, which become my landscapes. Light dapples, shimmers and traverses on top of, and fragments, refracts, and distorts within them. The most beautiful patterns appear and hidden subjects of importance surface. The painting is not about the objects themselves but what emerges from them and how they interact with each other. My saturated colors bounce from one object to the next. I deliberately choreograph the light's movement to direct the eye of the participant. Therefore, my still life is not still. The works are mostly large scale to provide a environment to welcome the viewer to walk through their doors to be immersed in the power of their complex lyrical beauty. 

Light is ever changing and in my Mixed Media Series I try to push the envelope and add materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, plastic, and neon. The painting becomes an active surface, altering throughout the day.

A psychological and internal light is addressed in my Women in Art Series. I am committed to highlighting their power and positive impact on society. This is an ongoing portfolio that will be added to throughout the years.

I take the high dive in my compositions. The ultimate challenge is to combine complex contrasting elements and create order and unity. I merge together the abstract and the real, the classical and ultra-contemporary styles and themes, the sensuous organic shapes with hard-lined geometric forms in one painting. This is a reflection of the world that we live in today, being served a diet of 24 hour reporting of contradictions of which we have to decipher from minute to minute. I feel fortunate that I have the artistic dexterity to paint in different genres. The constant change challenges me and my work stays fresh. I am passionate about my creative journey. Each day is a new discovery and making art is magical.

Artist Statement: Welcome
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